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We are introducing: UHT Sabers Oswiecim

The EUHL has been extended by three new teams this season. UHT Sabers Oswiecim is one of two new representatives from Poland that joined the competition. This country did not have any participants in the league since the season 2016/17 when there was the club Academy 1928 KTH Krynica.

We were talking about the situation in the club, the team structure, pre-season, and ambitions of UHT Sabers Oswiecim in its first season in the EUHL with the general manager, Bartosz Zubrowski.

The last season was canceled due to covid. What was going on in your club?

Last year was focused mainly on creating our team to enter the EUHL as strong and confident as it was possible.


When did your pre-season start and how did it go?

In the 3rd quarter of 2020. We had constant daily training sessions with a program focused on discipline. I think we are well prepared for the season.


Your team is new in the EUHL. What are your expectations from this experience?

To give our players an opportunity to constantly evolve both in their educational and career paths. It is very important for us.

What are your ambitions for the following season?

To gain as much experience and knowledge about the EUHL as it is physically possible along with the highest rate in stats. We are determined to accomplish what it takes to reach the highest place.


We will post the next article related to UHT Sabers Oswiecim in the next few days and it will be focused on their first games and how they see the quality of the league. Moreover, we will get to know more about interest from the public and the university during their home games.


Author of the photo: Facebook UHT Sabers Oswiecim