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We have to keep pushing to reach our goal

UHT Sabers Oswiecim joined the EUHL before this season as one of two new representatives from Poland. This team has played three games so far and won two of them. We were talking about first impressions from the competition, the quality of the league, and games with Oswiecim’s general manager Bartosz Zubrowski.

The interview was made after the second game.

UHT Sabers Oswiecim experienced the first two matches in the EUHL. The beginnings were not the easiest, but the Polish team could handle it. “For sure it is well managed. After these two games, we’ve learned more than we’ve assumed. It is normal that we, as a new team, sometimes struggle with some technical difficulties but we can always count on the EUHL board. They really helped us, and I am happy about their attitude.” Oswiecim was losing 0-2 in the first game against HC UNIZA but in the end, won with a clear result: 11-2. The key factor for success was to change the tactic. “Instant situation analysis allowed us to rethink our strategy and to apply the adjustments at the correct time. We were happy that it worked, and we started the competition with a high win.”

The following match against Sapientia was really equal. Sabers won it in overtime, but Bartosz saw a huge space for improvement. “There were some mistakes, but we will learn from them and definitely come back stronger next time.” Two wins are a great start, but it is only the beginning of the season, what the GM realizes. “There is always a thought that you could do something better so we can’t just let go after these 2 wins. We have to keep pushing to reach our goal.” Oswiecim played both games at home and there was a huge interest from the university and public. “Our city is known for hockey, so the interest was not only coming from our university students but also citizens. We’ve managed to reach a COVID-19 limitation but without it, we think that these games would increase the amount of live audience by approximately 30-40%. Hopefully, we will be able to reach these numbers in our next home matches.”


UHT Sabers Oswiecim – HC UNIZA Zilina 11:2 (4:1, 3:0, 4:1)

Goals: Piankrat (3), Prusak (2), Yerassov (2), Dudkiewicz, Wytrykus, Kot, Fus – Simko, Nemeth.

Goaltenders: Ramanauskas (Kaczkowski) – Janek (Ciganik).


UHT Sabers Oswiecim – Sapientia U23 7:6 OT (2:3, 2:1, 2:2 – 1:0)

Goals: Yerassov (3), Prusak, Dudkiewicz, Kot, Kusak – Antal (2), Benedek, Marton, Karda, György.

Goaltenders: Ramanauskas (Kaczkowski) – Beres (Ambrus).


UHT Sabers Oswiecim – UMB Hockey Team Banska Bystrica 3:9 (1:2, 0:6, 2:1)

Goals: Yerassov, Fus, Wytrykus – Sapar (2), Collak (2), Grezdo (2), Smatana, Novodomec, Soltes.

Goaltenders: Ramanauskas (Kaczkowski) – Gasparovic (Tomcik).


Author of the photo: Facebook UHT Sabers Oswiecim