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EUHL’s Player Eligibility

Eligibility paragraphs rules from the EUHL Manual 2022 / 2023

4.  University Team

4.1. Structure of University Team

  1. EUHL University Team consists exclusively of:

a) players – university or college students representing the institution under its name and logo (see Article 4.4(4))

b) players – students at multiple colleges or universities that have an agreement to share a team,

c) players aged 18-30 (including). Players that reach the age of 18 years during the ongoing season may be granted an exception pursuant to par. 4.2. of this Manual.

4.1.1. University Players – Eligibility of Players

  1. University Players in the EUHL are:

a) university or college students of 1., 2. and 3 degree or preliminary year in full-time or external form that are students of legally and duly recognized forms of higher education study or its equivalent in the University Team´s home state or graduates of state final exams that graduated within the period of 12 months from the master game in question,

b) holders of Student ID card or similar, or can present a Statement of Student Status from university or college,

c) players not under contract with a professional hockey team – player participating in the EUHL shall not participate in any other hockey team or hockey league organized by any entity other than the EUHA, except for the lowest amateur league of the specific country or regional tournaments with amateur status organized in the specific country,

d) junior players complying with conditions set out in this Manual and having a permission of their team to participate in the EUHL,

e) not contractually bound to be represented by a hockey agent,

f) maintain satisfactory academic performance confirmed by University (definition of satisfactory performance to be determined by University),

g) hold valid international insurance for games organized by EUHA,

4.2. Junior Players in EUHL

1. In the current EUHL Season, players in the junior category who are attending a college, university, or secondary school (legally and duly recognized forms of study or its equivalent in the University Team´s home state) and actively participate in a junior or senior hockey league at state level may start for a University Team under the following conditions (University Team is responsible for player´s compliance with these conditions):

a) player is not contractually bound to a hockey team, unless the EUHA or a corresponding committee decides otherwise,

b) For player younger than 18 years, the EUHA must receive a written statement of the player´s parent or legal guardian with explicitly stated consent with the players participation in the EUHL and the signature must be certified.

c) junior player is on the University Team roster,

d) player submits valid international compulsory insurance for games organized by the EUHA, e) player submits medical certification of health that unequivocally states that the player is in full health and eligible to play hockey.

4.3. Exceptions, Limits and Limited Permissions

a) maximum number of foreign players = unlimited – in compliance with par. 3.2.1 of this Manual, provided that each foreign player complies with provisions and conditions set out in this Manual, unless the EUHA decides otherwise.

b) maximum number of junior players on the roster = unlimited number of players provided they comply with provisions and conditions set out in this Manual.

4.4. Transfers

1. Transfers of players from one participating team into another participating team shall be allowed by DECEMBER 31. of the corresponding year, provided that all provisions of this Manual are reasonably followed, unless the EUHA determines otherwise.

2. Exceptions to the above stated transfer period are transfers for:

• family reasons,

• study reasons, (e.g., student exchange programs)

• personal reasons.

3. EUHA reserves the right to determine eligibility of transfers outside the transfer period in justified cases.