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In the honor of Boris Sádecký

In the honor of Boris Sádecký (Boris is the son of our EUHA member)

We really appreciate your support and compassion.


loss of a loved one is an extremely gruelling situation, even more so when it is a person with his whole life ahead of him. We thank you all for the support we received, whether from family members, friends, teammates, acquaintances, or even people unknown to us, who knew Boris or cheered for him during his amazing hockey career. Thanks for the support of his home club HK Dukla Trenčín. Special thanks for the support and great help we have received from his current hockey club IClinic Bratislava Capitals.

Thank you all for the time you allowed us to deal with the shock we encountered and are still processing. Death of any young person – such as Boris – raises many questions. Although we ourselves do not know answers to many of them, we would like to share with you the information we do have.

As you probably know, at the end of the first third of the match between Dornbirn and Bratislava Capitals, Boris collapsed on the ice rink. As the first aid was administered, it took a while to resuscitate his heart. He was taken to a hospital in Dornbirn, Austria, where first examinations were performed as he was stabilized, in medically induced coma. As the results were inconclusive, Boris was transferred by a helicopter to a specialized department of cardiovascular medicine at the Innsbruck hospital. Further investigations continued and numerous tests were performed, gradually ruling out various possible causes of his collapse.

Today we know that Boris had a mild inflammation of the heart muscle on the day of his collapse. It was so mild and indistinct that he didn’t even know something was wrong with him. Doctors had to perform several tests to confirm the inflammation was indeed there. Boris thought he was entering the match in good physical and mental shape. However, the heart inflammation was most probably the cause of the cardiac arrest during the match. Health care he received in the following days was top-notch, however nobody dared to guess how long his brain had been deprived of oxygen, or when would be a good time to lighten up the coma. The worst-case scenario – which we were afraid to even think about – was, unfortunately, confirmed on Wednesday afternoon, when doctors pronounced brain death. During these last days of his most difficult match, fighting for his life, he was constantly surrounded by and supported by his immediate family, and we are sure he was also in the thoughts and prayers of many of you. We thank you for all the support.

We were asked many questions, and besides those asking what actually happened to Boris, there were also questions related to the current hot topic: covid-19. We can confirm that doctors ruled out active Covid infection. At the same time, any thoughts of this being related to vaccination are pure speculations, and we humbly ask you not to pursue them. What should be pursued is the legacy of Boris.

Every professional sportsman’s health condition is constantly under the scrutiny of doctors. However, as we have witnessed and continue to witness, it is still not fully possible to prevent such tragedies. Even worse off are amateur and recreational athletes, semi-professionals or any of us who do not have the opportunity, knowledge, or means to monitor our health in such detail. Yet, a small, subjectively negligible health issue or a complication may have fatal consequences. And yet, how many times have you said to yourselves it’s just a cold, I’ll walk it off, no problem. It’s just a morning sore throat, if I feel better in the afternoon I won’t miss out on my jogging. In such instances we do not give our body the time it needs to heal and regenerate. Each of us is more or less aware of the importance of regeneration and good health.Unfortunately we seldom act accordingly.

We all loved Boris. He was a great athlete and an even better person. He was good-natured, selfless, and wholesome, always with a smile on his face. Health was his priority. During his life he radiated kindness and optimism everywhere he went. Many of you have asked how can you help. We would like to continue his legacy, and we believe he would greatly support the idea of raising awareness about the importance of caring for your health while pursuing sports. For this reason we decided to establish a non-profit organization Good Heart of Boris Sadecky (Dobré srdce Borisa Sádeckého), which will actively lead an education campaign about sports health care, both professional and recreational. If you knew Boris, either directly or indirectly, if you cheered for him, or if you think that raising such awareness makes sense, please support this idea with a financial contribution to a fully transparent bank account, IBAN: SK56 0900 0000 0051 8482 2916 (Account #5184822916, Account Name: Dobre Srdce Borisa Sadeckeho, BIC/SWIFT: GIBASKBX, Bank: Slovenská sporiteľňa,a.s., Account Address: Tomasikova 48, Bratislava 832 37, Bratislava, Slovakia)

All donated and raised funds will be used exclusively to spread Boris’ legacy.

Thank you very much for each of your contributions and we appreciate your support. It will be used for a good cause – for education that Boris would stand up for with us.

If you have any questions, please direct them to our email: and if at all possible, we will try to answer each and every one of you.

Thank you!

Boris’ fiancée Šárka and his family

more info please follow this link: