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We are introducing: HC UNIZA Zilina

The fourth team from Slovakia we are introducing is HC UNIZA Zilina. This club has been a member of the EUHL since the last season that was cancelled due to covid. Therefore, Zilina had to wait for the premiere in this competition for a year.

We were talking about the situation in the club, last season, changes in the team structure, pre-season, and ambitions of HC UNIZA Zilina with the social media manager, Dária Schmidtová.

The last season was cancelled due to covid. What was going on in your club?

We had to stop our training sessions and matches when the EUHL was interrupted. Our players keep training individually. This break from hockey was not good for anyone, but we could see much more joy on our players after returning to the ice after more than a half year.

On the other hand, our club used this break from hockey to prepare the best conditions we could for the following season.


Did you play any games or had any training during this time?

We played a friendly match against UMB Hockey Team Banska Bystrica at the end of September. We had planned other games at that time, but we had to cancel them due to the pandemic situation that was getting worse. Our players returned on the ice this April when they participated in the international tournament that took place in Romania. Organized training sessions lasted approximately for a month and then we again switched to individual trainings because that was the only thing we could do depending on the restrictions.

When did your pre-season for this year start?

We started at the end of August. Everyone is so excited about the new season, so each player came motivated and with a will to do his best.


How did your pre-season go? (Interview was made on the 6th of October)

We trained three times a week on the ice. Training sessions were various, and our coach focussed mainly on the physical condition during the first month while many players did not have contact with ice for a longer time. We added simulations of game’s situations to our trainings at the end of September and started to prepare intensively for the league games.


You played some games during the pre-season. Tell me more about it.

We played two matches. The first one was against MHK Dolný Kubín on the 25th of September. The result was not according to our ideas, and we lost to Kubin’s bears 2:4. We played the second friendly game against two-time champions of the EUHL, UMB Hockey Team Banska Bystrica. It was a very equal match that finished 3:3 in the regular time. However, Banska Bystrica was more successful in the following penalty shootout and won.

How did your team change in comparison to last season?

We cannot count on players like Matej Ďurajka, Martin Graňák or Juraj Šuda anymore, because they already graduated. Except for that, our club also lost the goalie Samuel Vyletelka, who left to study in the USA. On the other hand, we have nine new players in our team – eight skaters and one goalkeeper.


Did you change any members of your coaching staff?

Yes, we did a change in the position of the head coach. Radoslav Bielečka is our new coach for the upcoming season. It is a coach with a lot of experience, a good personal attitude, and a sense of humour. Additionally, we have a new custodian Marián Meluš.


What are your ambitions for the following season?

We, of course, want to reach the best results but we do not have exaggerated expectations. Our pre-season started at a good temp, and we believe the situation will be favourable to us and we will be able to play the whole season without any restrictions.

We hope our first season in the EUHL will be successful and we will represent our university, the city of Zilina and all our partners and supporters in the best way we can.


Author of the photo: HC UNIZA Zilina.