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The newbie from BB comes up short against visiting Gladiators

European University Hockey League (EUHL) saw its debut in the City of Banska Bystrica. The home team consisting of players from the University Mateja Bela took on the Gladiators from Trencin, that are formed by students from City University and Alexander Dubcek University.

UBM Banská Bystrica – CityU/TnUAD Gladiators 2:5 (0:1, 1:2, 1:2) Goals: 30. Akantis (Dolník, Kováčik), 54. Maliňák – 5. T. Jurenka (P. Jurenka), 29. Uhlík (P. Jurenka), 38. Ďuriš (Holko), 56. Okuliar (T. Jurenka), 58. T. Jurenka (Bednárik)

UMB Banská Bystrica: Juraštík, Bezek – Janečko, Dolník, Rešetár, Michalčík, Pandorfy, Knut, Kandra, Studený, Indrych, Maliňák, Kamenský, Plešavský, Trnka, Akantis, Magula, Máľus, Kováčik, Majling, Šándor, Ferleťjak

CityU/TnUAD Gladiators: Gašparovič – Okuliar, Matejdes, Pleško, Littva, Kuvík, P. Jurenka, Borbely, Pápešová, Uhlík, Holko, Bednárik, Kandráč, Šulík, Porubský, Šenšel, Buliš, Chmára, Ďuriš, T. Jurenka


The second game for UMB Banska Bystrica has not started in favour of the home team. Only five minutes into the game and the goalie of the home team had the puck behind ´his back already. T. Jurenka has made advantage of the first power-play of the game and after a nice assist from his team mate scored a goal. The home team rallied and started to push on offence against the visiting Gladiators. They managed to get some shots on goal, but none of them were accurate enough.

The second period has brought more shots on goal than the previous one and we have seen three goals as well. First it was Uhlík of the Gladiators who took advantage of the mistake made on defence and scored. A few seconds later it was the team from BB who managed to play the power-play to perfection and cut down the deficit to one goal. Two minutes before the break it was the visiting team again, after a nice assist from behind the net it was Ďuriš who scored and increased the lead to two goals.

The final period was all about the hard work of the home team to score a goal and to decrease the lead of the Gladiators. The effort paid off after the half of the period and the players of Banska Bystrica finally scored and adjusted the score to 2:3. However their joy did not last for long as the answer from the Gladiators did not take much time. In less than two minutes it was the visiting team on the score again. The final blow came in the 58th minute when after another power-play T.Jurenka scored his second goal in the game, adding insult to injury. The players of UMB BB had failed to clinch a win in there premier game in their home building and their fans after an overwhelming loss to the Gladiators of Trenchtown 2:5. The next game on schedule for BB is against the Diplomats Pressburg in Bratislava. The game is scheduled at November 14th, 12:00.

photo credits: IMG_8577