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HK Slávia STU beats Diplomats Pressburg VŠMVV

On Monday, December 8th HK Slavia STU hosted a home game vs. the local rival, the Diplomats Pressburg VŠMVV. In the first game between both teams the players of STU enjoyed winning with a margin of three goals. The situation again repeated itself and the Slavists topped the  Diplomats with the score of 5:2.

HK Slávia STU Bratislava – Diplomats Pressburg VŠMVV 5 : 2 (1:0, 2:1, 2:1)

Goals and assists: 20. Kanda (Galko), 24. Goga (Minárik, Hajduk), 27. Gráčik (Štefánik), 41. Galko (Hubek, Gráčik), 44. Goga (Pernický, Rendek) – 30. Hegely (Karaba, Cibulka), 47. Brincko (Kojda)

HK Slávia STU : Porubský (Vymyslický) – Černák, Galko, Štefánik, Ketner,Sabaka, Kučera, Rendek, Piroška – Gráčik,Vystavil Štefan, Hubek, Vystavil Šimon, Šatka, Kanda, Dvorštiak, Minárik, Hajduk, Mičúch, Goga, Pernický

Diplomats Pressburg : Bohuš(Polerecký) – Burian, Kačeňák, Just, Mucha, Hanko, Hrabina, Hegely, Kojda, Karaba, Cibulka, Studený, Brincko, Mihálik, Lokaj, Méry

The fans at the arena in Bratislava could see a very fierce and aggressive hockey play since the opening face off. Both teams were playing efficiently, however both lacked the accuracy to finish the play. There were some nice shots fired, visitors Méry and Hanka endangered the net of the home team a few times. On the side of the STU it were the shots by Šatka and Hubek that required most attention from the Diplomats goalie. The fans of both teams were eager to see a goal, and the players kept them waiting until the end of the first period. First it was the power-play for the visiting team. The Diplomats however did not manage to score. When the numbers were even on the ice again, it was the home team on the score. Just 23 seconds before the buzzer, Kanda from the home STU team scored a nice goal and put his team in the lead.

The second period brought a chance to tie the game for the Diplomats. Cibulka got into a fast break, however was unable to score on Porubský. In the 24th minute it was the home team on the score again. Goga received a nice assist from Minárik and increased the lead to two goals. In the 27th minute the score was already 3:0, when Gráčik blasted the bounced back shot by Štefánik. In just a moment the STU could have run away with a four goal deficit, but the shot by Ketner only hit the structure of the net. The Diplomats refused to give up and Hegely showed nice skills in driving to the net and scored the first goal of the game for the visiting team. At the end of the second period the score was much one sided, favouring the home team of STU, who were ahead by two goals.

The fans did not even had time to sit down and the STU team already scored their fourth goal in the beginning of the third period. Galko came up with a hard shot and finished the expiring power-play. The outcome of the game was now not in question. In addition, in the 44th minute the STU were on the offence and Goga, after a nice assist by Pernický, found the net with his second goal in the game, increasing the lead to four goals. Two minutes later, the Diplomats managed to draw a foul, therefore started a power-play. Brincko was able to circle around the defenders and provided the Diplomats with some hope at the end. Despite the pressure and some nice shots by Méry and Cibulka, the Diplomats were unable to hit the net and the final score was 5:2. The team of the STU managed to increase their win streak with this win, extending it to five games in a row.

Ing. Anton Zmajkovič (coach of the HK Slávia STU): „It was a very respected matchup, even if the Diplomats are a few spots below in the standings. Our boys played a very disciplined hockey. They were very careful with their passes. The Diplomats lost one good formation due to injury, that proved to be a big advantage for us. Sports are like that, you never know when the luck is on your side. I appreciate our opponent, and I am very happy they play fair. I am looking forward to see the matchup with Paneuropa Kings and I hope we will play an effective game.“

Roman Varga (coach of the Diplomats Pressburg): „For us it was a very playable opponent. We entered the game with a desire to win despite the fact we had a lot of injured and sick players. The boys played with much effort and a will to make a difference. What I cannot say, is that we played a disciplined game. The reason for this may be psychic. We need to work on that. We cannot afford to commit so much fouls. We have to focus on the game and the task at hand, and not give in to distractions that drain our mental and physical strength. The play in general was quite good, I admire the aggressiveness and will to fight of our boys. In the second period, there was a time that the STU team could not get an offence going for eight minutes. Going into the third period we wanted to tie the game at 3:3 at least, however receiving an early goal made our morale waver. That is the psychic part we have to work on.“

photos: Peter Brichta hokej 3 hokej 1