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game #2: EUHL vs ACHA 5:4 (shootout)

EUHL Selects – ACHA D3 Selects 5:4 after shootout (0:2, 3:0, 1:2)

After the return match between selections EUHL and ACHA D3 has enjoyed greater domestic players. Like the first game against each other ended in a tie, the winner had to be found after a series of shoot-outs. In those Marek Marušiak  established himself as the man of the match and sealed the game with his hat-trick.

Goals and assists: 25. Slánský, 34. Novák (Bícha), 38. Marušiak (Szabó), 54. Marušiak (Szabó, Ketner), rozhodujúci sam. nájazd Marušiak – 4. Knoppel (Maltz, Schall), 10. Maltz (Milligan, Schall), 50. Maltz (O´Brein, Miller), 52. Rosales (Harris)

Penalties: 7:8 na dve minúty, Powerplay: 2:1, Shots on goal: 33:27

Referees: P. Jonák, M. Krist – P. Dzian, M. Stanzel

EUHL Selects: Vokatý (41. Orlík) – Hudcovský, P. Jurenka, Ketner, Krátky, Zvara, Franěk, Malota, Tichý, Tekáč, Holík, Szabó, Sýkora, Marušiak, Hegely, Slánsky, Hučko, Bícha, Novák, Alexa, Pečenka

ACHA D3 Selects: Gagnon – Behrend, Dollinger, Miller, Kath, Milligan, Knoppel, Oliver, Zackucia, Silver, Schall, Rovito, O´Brein, Harris, Solomon, Monfredo, Maltz, Carey, Massa, Rosales, Delgiorno

Neither of the teams could gain an advantage at the beginning of the game, the first danger for the American goalie came when Holík from the Europeans fired on goal, however missed. The opposing team answered with some shots of their own and eventually Knoppel hit the net. After a power-play a bit later Maltz increased the lead to 2:0. After some other chances for both teams the score remained even until the end of the period.

The second period started with more up-tempo play from the home team who charged forward straight from the beginning face off. The effort was paid in the 25th minute of the game when Slánsky scored with an accurate shot and changed the score to 2:1. The EUHL team was far to inconsistent during power-plays in the period, failing to gain an advantage even when playing outnumbered three to five. The final minutes of the period were however very fortunate for the Europeans as they managed to even the score with the shot fired by Novák and two minutes before the buzzer Marušiak made the visiting team pay by exploiting a huge gap in their defence.

At the beginning of the third period Rosales had a chance to even the score, however Orlík, the substitute goalie of the European team deflected the shot without any trouble. The Americans were aggressively attacking and after huge effort, Maltz hit the net with a precise shot. It did not take long for the American team to turn the momentum on their side, and they soon scored again, this time it was Rosales. The home team did not give up and continued to fight. The goal came after a nice assist by Szabó to Marušiak, who recorded his second goal by firing behind Gagnon’s back. The final minutes of the game were very tense, the tides evenly matched and none of the teams was able to seize the lead and getaway with the win.

Just as it was the case in the previous game, the regulation ended in a tied game and the winner had to be determined by the penalty shots. This time, the European team was more efficient and the one to resolve the game was Marušiak out of the EUHL, who not only scored the winning goal, but also recorded the only hat-trick in this matchup.