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game #1: EUHL vs ACHA 2:3 (shootout)

The first of the two games in the match-up of the European University Hockey League Team against the team of the American Collegiate Hockey Association ended in a tied score after regulation. The winner was being determined during penalty shots, where the Americans proved to be more resilient.

The opening face off was thrown and so the game between the two hockey associations from across the oceans could begin. The game was attended also by d’Affaires Norman Thatcher Scharpf from the US Embassy and also the president of the EUHL Jaroslav Straka. During the first minutes of the game, both teams played very carefully. The first shot on goal was fired by the young Americans, Brent Harris missed the chance to score both in the seventh and 9th minute of the first period. An other chance to score for the Americans came after Tomáš Volek from the EUHL has been issued a penalty. The European team kept the score even thanks to nice saves of Juraj Gašparovič. In 16th minute it was the shot of the American forward Zac Mass, that first found the bottom of the net. The Americans took the lead and after a penalty they defended it shorthanded. The Europeans were on one more power-play at the end of the period, however they were unable to score before the buzzer.


The second period started as the power-play for the European team continued from the previous one. Andrew Poetzinger saved the day for the Americans with some key saves and kept the lead close. The Americans had a chance to score at the midway of the period, however as they missed the chance, the opposing team made sure they did not. After a fast break the Europeans managed to score on the outnumbered Americans and with the shot by Lukáš Plešavksý, the score was even.

The final period brought a close game. The opening minutes were dominated by the EUHL and a nice combination led to a score by Timotej Jurenka. After being scored on, the American team increased the tempo of the game and managed to catch up with the goal by Sam Milligan. At the end of the period the situation came to a dramatic point when the Americans scored a goal, that was not approved.

The regulation ended in an even score. The penalty shots ended in the fourth round when the first shot was missed by Tomáš Volek, who did not shoot through Kyle Gagnon. Sam Milligan became the player of the game, when he scored the final goal and won the game for the ACHA.

You can see a „relive“ of the match here- TU.


EUHL Selects – ACHA selects 2:3 – SO. (0:1, 1:0, 1:1, 0:1) Goals: 32. Plešavský Lukáš (Vaněk Petr), 42. Jurenka Timotej (Bednárik Daniel, Hubek Patrik) – 16. Massa (Kath Austin, Behrend Andy), 53. Milligan (Zakucia Alex, Drew O’Briena) shoot-out: Milligan. Referees: Krist, Jakubec, – Jurčiak Farkaš, Penalties: 2:6, Attendance: 500 divákov

EUHL Selects: Gašparovič (30. Porubský) – Volek, Okuliar, Michalčík, Prandorfy, Galko, Ketner, Macharáček, P. Jurenka – T. Jurenka, Broska, Bednárik – Indrych, Majling, Špankovič – Gráčik, Méry, Hubek – Buliš, Vaněk, Plešavský,

ACHA Selects: Pötzinger (21. Church, 41. Gagnon) – Oliver, Knoppel, Dollinger, Behrend, Zackucia, Milligan, Miller, Kath – Maltz, Schall, O’Brien – Monfredo, Carey, Rovito – Rosales, Harris, Massa – Delgiorno, Solomon, Silver,

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