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UK Prague defended the title, one goal decided on their victory!

The players of Prague sufficed just two final games in order to defend last years title. Herr´s powerplay goal in the second game secured his team the chance to lift the Sekeráš Trophy above their heads once again this year.

UK Praha – UMB Banská Bystrica 1:0 (0:0, 0:0. 1:0)

Goals: 46. Herr (Slánský, Hučko)

UK Praha: Vokatý – Bartoš, Krátký, Herr, Vošahlík, Slavíček, Baláž, Gremlica, Arnošt, Bícha, Alexa, Slánský, Polák, Hučko, Novák, Valder, Sommer, Hybner, Rovný, Hložek

UMB Banská Bystrica: Juraštík– Knechta, Knuf, Prandorfy, Kandra, Kasanický, Michalčík, Janečko, Studený, Majling, Indrych, Kováčik, Ferleťjak, Maliňák, Šándor, Primus, Akantis

The players of Matej Bel University visibly learned from their tragic first period of their home game and were much more concetrated in Prague. The visitors had the advantage of a powerplay right at the start of the game, during which they just warmed up the home goalkeeper Vokatý. UK had an even better opportunity in the 7th minute, during the more convenient version of the powerplay – 4 on 3, but this time Juraštík distinguished himself in the UMB goal.

Both goalkeeper reigned for the remainder of the game. There were chances on both sides, but Vokatý and Juraštík just had their day. The beginning of the second period belonged to Banská Bystrica thanks to two consecutive powerplays. The players of Prague were on the other hand more active at even strenght and were supported by a decently crowded tribune of the stadium.

The wait for the opening goal still continued, more precisely until the 46th minute. UK were on the powerplay, Slanský moved the puck to defender Karl Herr, who broke Juraštík´s spell at 45:52. The home team then tried to add another goal. As the time advanced, UMB tried to obviously push more and more and Vokatý had to save his team a few times. At the end of the game, the visiting coach Opáth even tried to play with empty net and six skaters on ice. The home team however resisted the onslaught of their opponents and their joy errupted after the final siren.

After a year, the players of UK Prague are once again experiencing the feeling of lifting the Sekeráš Trophy above their heads. UMB´s players were dissapointed immediately after the game, but reaching the final in their rookie season is a great success for them and Banská Bystrica will eventually also have something to celebrate.