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Amendment to MANUAL for the 2015 / 2016 Season

On the basis of new circumstances in the 2015 / 2016 EUHL games, EUHA – European University Association sets out, with immediate effect, the following:

  • Registration of University Players and Possibility of Transfer in EUHL: Due to expired Transfer Period, all further transfers shall be in compliance with the 2015/2016 Manual currently in effect. Otherwise, such transfers shall be deemed invalid. As the 2015/2016 Manual does not cover all transfer arrangements, the Association reserves the right to inspect all relevant transfer documents upon any suspicion of breach of transfer conditions.
  • Medical Service: Qualified Medical Service with valid „Emergency Worker -Doctor“ license and mandatory first-aid equipment for accident assistance and life rescue shall be present at each EUHL game. Medical Service shall be stationed near the Ice Rink at each EUHL game ready to intervene and shall not be distracted in a way that would delay their response. Home University Team has legal responsibility for all of the above stated policies.
  • Start and Flow of Game: Presence of Medical Service as stipulated in Article 1 of this Amendment shall be established at the start of any EUHL game. Referee shall not start the game until this condition is complied with. EUHL Game interrupted for injury shall not be resumed until the injured player is in stable condition and members of Medical Service team have resumed their position at the Rink. Each Game Report shall include names and signatures of Medical Service team members present at the game.
  • On-Ice Officials and Teams: Prior to start of each game Coaches of both Teams shall attend a short meeting with On-Ice Officials in order to discuss and determine rules for that particular game, means of communication with On-Ice Officials during the game, authorized persons for such communication, rules for major penalties and other such matters to ensure smooth flow of the game and compliance with the rules.
  • EUHA – European University Hockey Association as managing authority of EUHL – European University Hockey League reserves the right to carry out random and unannounced inspections of Players prior to, during and after EUHL games. Drug testing, ISIC card control, verification of roster information and compliance with the 2015/2016 Manual shall be the main objective of these inspections.
  • 2015/2016 PLAYOFF – six best ranking teams of the 2015/2016 Regular Season shall play in PLAYOFF for SEKERAS TROPHY.


Playoff rules: Preliminary round, 3 – 6, 4 – 5, in a best-of-two series, where the team that ranked lower after the Regular Season shall organize the first game and the higher-ranking team shall organize the second and third game in the series.

Winners of the preliminary round advance to Semi-finals and shall play the first and second ranking team of the Regular Season.

Semi-finals system: Winner of the Regular Season shall play the winner of Playoff preliminary round that ranked lower after the Regular Season. Second ranking team of the Regular Season shall play the winner of Playoff preliminary round that ranked higher after the Regular Season.

Playoff Game Rules:

A game that is tied after regulation time shall be extended by a 5 minute overtime period. If no goal is scored during the overtime period, a penalty shootout of three players from each team shall be used. If the score is still tied, the shootout proceeds and additional shots are played until one team scores.

The overtime period shall be played with the 3-on-3 format.

Two Referees and two Linesmen shall be nominated for each game.

Visiting Team shall have the right to nominate one Referee (no later than 24 hours prior to the game) for the game. Failing to do so, Home Team shall nominate the second Referee as well.

Playoff shall be played in accordance with Disciplinary Rules set out in Chapter 3 of the 2015 / 2016 Manual.


Timetable of the 2015/2016 EUHL Playoff

  • Playoff preliminary round (March 18 – 24, 2016)
  • Semi-finals (March 25 – 31, 2016)
  • Finale (April 1 – 7, 2016)