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Transnational Project Meeting 18 – 19 May 2018 in Bratislava

Hotel Tatra, Bratislava, 18.-19.05.2018

Transnational partners meeting on widening of the EUHL and the Dual career of students-athletes: dissemination activities and quality control feed back

Day # 1: May 18,  2018 

Meeting on the North Division establishment for the upcoming season with the representatives of Scandinavian and Baltic countries was held in order to discuss practicalities and system of functioning of the league. European Union project platform allowed the the launch of the cooperation of the EUHL with nordic countries (Sweden, Estonia, Latvia). Thanks to Erasmus+ project and the Transnational meeting, many solutions on the Dual career of students-athletes have evolved in order to create an effective system of regular contest involving wide range of students, academics and volunteers. This environment smartly combining the sport competition with strategic cooperation helps to enhance the strong academic spirit and to build the academic identity. These efforts will being fulfilled also through upcoming common events around European Union. By affiliating new European region and establishing the North Division of the EUHL, the EUHL is on the right path to create a new physical culture including supporting and developing the interests of ice hockey, the hobbies of young people and improving physical and mental capabilities in the areas of sports and creating conditions for strengthening the health and knowledge of young people in Europe.

Following seminars were dedicated to main topics on the topics regarding the organisation of the EUHL and the Dual Career of students-anthletes:

• Dissemination Activities, Marketing & Social Media Goals:

1. setting up the mechanisms for sharing the partial and final outcomes of the promotion of the Dual Career at HEIs as well as increasing the intensity of participation of HEIs in national and European academic leagues;

2. campaigns on focus/target groups but to increase the game attendance for all teams on EUHL level;

3. „Helping the weak teams or the strong ones?“ – to set up the strategy first;

4. EUHL newsletter;

5. looking for more partners on both academic and sport level, foundations;

6. more derbys and winter classic matchess for promotion EUHL;

7. consistent design of teams‘ webpages;

8. report about total reach on target groups will be released to the teams every 2-3 months (useful for sponsors);

9. increase the attendance by online tools – measurements to hockey data;

10. august/september – campaigns to addres to new potential players – camps, dual carreer;

11. questionnaire about the brand awareness now and in a year;

12. „Hockey Mobility“ for students-hockey players to raise the attractiveness of the EUHL.


• Quality Control Feedback:

1. Presentations of newly established committees – Referees Committee Report followed by discussion on the communication with respective national Referees Associations in accordance to maintain and enhance the quality.

– Disciplinary Committee Report followed by discussion on guidelines, rules and fees.

– Sport Technical Committee Report followed by discussion.

There is a significant shift of cases delegated to relevant newly establishing committees as an evident improvement of the system of managing the EUHL.

2. Annual report followed by discussion.


Gala Dinner and The Hall of Fame & Coach/Players of the Season 2017/2018 Banquet accompanied by social and networking activities took place at the end of the first Conference day.

Day # 2: May 19, 2018

1. Erasmus+ quality control feedback with participation of Erasmus+ partners: control and planning of new conferences and tasks in the Erasmus+ project. The EUHA is of the intention of additionally contributing to overcoming intercultural, information and communication barriers and cooperating internationally on a Europe-wide basis, supporting and participating in activities by civil associations, foundations and other communities with similar objectives by establishing, organizing and managing the EUHL and by arranging exchange programs between the EUHL participants.

2. EUHL vision and plan:

– establishment of the European Sport Promoting Universities Network by creating regular European University Competitions in order to strengthen the core values of the EU alongside with education and sport. The EUHA takes care of the development, prosperity and protection of interests of its members and participants of the EUHL, ensures conditions for the performance of their sports and education activities and provides them with technical and consulting services. Improving the physical and mental capabilities pertaining to sport, physicality and furthermore the creation of conditions appropriate for quality education to be provided to the respective target group are key roles for the EUHA. Other key aims of the EUHA include the support and the development of training and pedagogical competences of its members.

– launch of the „Hockey Mobility“ project to promote student-hockey mobility among the HEIs involved in EUHL, ACHA (the American Collegiate Hockey Association) and SHL (Russian Students‘ Hockey League). This mobility will be implemented within existing mobility schemes and grants and supported with a database of study programs provided by HEIs in cities with at least one active university team from one of the three associations mentioned above.

More informations about Erasmus+ project and Dual career of students-athletes:

The Hall of Fame & Coach-Players Banquet v rámci Transnational Project Meeting about Sport and Education together in Europe, Dual Career of European Students Athletes “Time of Change”