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STC Resolution – Play-off system of EUHL 2019/2020 changes – 01/2020A

Nr. : 01/2020A          Trencin, 27.01. 2020                  Done by: Peter Spanovic

Resolution – Organizational information about the time of the EUHL 2019/2020 playoffs

Manual Season 19/20, Chapter II., Play-off system

2.6 Playoffs
1. After completing the EUHL Regular Season the teams will be entered into a table based on points earned that will be used to determine the first eight teams advancing to the EUHL Playoff (in the case of the resolution will follow the criteria set out the Manual), unless the EUHA determines otherwise.

2. Due to the variable number of teams participating in the current EUHL Season, the EUHA reserves the right to additionally modify the playoff system for the EUHL Season through an amendment to this Manual. The EUHA shall draw up an amendment to the official starting date of the EUHL Season, or the date of the pre-season conference.

2.6.1. Playoff Timetable
1. Playoff of the current EUHL Season shall take place on the following dates:
About Quarter-finals March 4 – March 10
About Semi-finals March 13 – March 20
About Finale March 21 – March 31
These dates must be confirmed prior to the Playoffs in Addendum to this

2.6.2. Playoff System of the Play
1. Semi-finals shall be played in the following manner:
• The first team will play with the team that ranked as 8.
• The second team will play with the team that ranked as 7.
• The third team will play with the team that ranked as 6.
• Fourth team will play with the team that ranked as 5.
• Winners of quarterfinals must meet in semi-finals.
• Winners of semi-finals must meet in the finale.
2. If teams with identical ranking after the regular season meet in semi-finals, the
The following coefficient shall be followed:
(1) total score in current season,
(2) number of goals scored in the current season,
(3) sum of points from mutual games in current season,
(4) difference between partial scores from current games in the current season,
(5) number of goals scored in mutual games in the current season,
(6) draws.
2.1 This provision shall be enforced only if the regular season teams are divided into
several groups.

3. Quarterfinals, Semi-finals and Finale shall be played in the best-of-three series; The first two games are organized by the higher ranking team if not agreed otherwise. Subsequently, the series must move to a lower ranking team, who will organize the other two games, provided the series does not end with the third game. Eventual fifth and deciding finale game will be organized by higher ranking team of the Regular Season. In exceptional cases (i.e. if the home team does not have the means to organize a game), the EUHA reserves the right to set and place a game that will be respected by all parties involved. If an involved party does not participate in a game set by the EUHA, the game shall end in a walkover awarded to the participating team (see Article 2.4 (1))
4. If the score is tied in the playoff game, a 20-minute overtime period with a 3 against 3 system shall be played until the so-called “golden goal” is scored; Penalty-shot shootout is not allowed.

5. That game ends properly while using the 3 against 3 system in the overtime period of any playoff game of the current EUHL Season will be the responsibility of the home team. Otherwise, the game will end in a Walkover (W.O.) awarded to the visiting team.

6. Ice shall be treated before the overtime period and also between individual overtimes.

Compliance with Chapter II. Article 2.6., Paragraph 2), first sentence of EUHL Manual Season 2019/2020 and in accordance with the Treaty on Participation in EUHL 2019/2020, Article VIII, para. 5, The Sport and Technical Committee of the EUHA


on the following new wording of the points concerned:

Playoff system of EUHL season 2019/2020

1. After completing the regular season of the EUHL will be a compiled table, which is based on the achieved score of the teams, respectively in the case of equality of points of the EUHL Playoffs will continue according to the other criteria set out in the Manual for the first six playoffs teams, unless EUHA specified otherwise
Play-off schedule

The EUHL Playoffs Dates:

– Completion of the regular season until 27.2. 2020
– Quarterfinals from 02.03. to 09.03. 2020
– Semifinals from 10.03. to 22.03. 2020
– Finals from 08.03. 2020

Play-off system

2. The first two teams after the regular season will go straight to the semifinal playoffs.

3. In the quarterfinals, the following shall be met:

Team 3 – Team 6 from the regular season
Team 4 – Team 5 from the regular season

The winners of the quarter-finals will meet in the semifinals, against the first two teams from the regular season.

The winners if the semi-finals will meet in the finals.

4. The quarterfinals are played for two winning matches, with the first two games being organized by a better ranked team after the regular season. Then the series moves to a worse-ranked participant who will organize the next round if necessary.

5. The Semi-finals and Finals are played for three winning games, with the first two games being organized by the better placed participant after the regular season unless otherwise agreed. Subsequently, the series moves to the worst-placed participant who organizes the next two games, if the series does not end in the fourth match then the fifth final match will be organized again by a better placed participant after the regular season. EUHA reserves the right in exceptional cases that: (eg, if the home team cannot organize the game), EUHA may intervene organizationally about time, place. EUHA will set a new playing time that stakeholders must respect.

In the case that any of the parties will not respect the decision of STC / EUHA or will not participate in the final 5th game there will be a contumacy for the non-participating team!

6. If the playoff games does not decide in regular time, there are 20 minutes of 3 vs. 3. 3-player extensions, which lasts until scored – “Golden Goal”, without the possibility of any penalty shooting. Penalty shoot-out in play-offs are not allowed!

7. In the event of any overtime in the playoffs in the current EUHL season is the home team responsible for ensuring that the match can be properly played with the specified system of overtime. The Failure may come to the result of the contumacy for the home team.

8. Ice-surface treatment shall always be carried out before the start of the extension and always between the individual extensions

Peter Špankovič
Chairman of STC