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Statement of the Sports and Technical Committee – on the extension of the deadline for registration of players, according to Chap. III., paragraph 3.2.1.

3.2.1. Restrictions to registration of players 

  1. Number of players on the EUHL Team Player Roster during the season is unlimited until  December 31. After the date, the roster can have a maximum of 40 players that cannot be removed  from this roster without the EUHA approval granted only in exceptional instances; the removed  players cannot be replaced by players that were not already on the roster to the date set out in  this article. In addition, after the date a player shall be prohibited from starting in any league  other than the EUHL. If a player starts in a game of any other league after December 31., he will  be prohibited from starting in all remaining games of the EUHL in the current season.
  2. Simultaneously, to qualify for playoff games, each player on the roster drawn up in  compliance with the previous article must have played at least 50% of all competition games in  the EUHL Regular Season. Sport – Technical Committee has the right to grant an exception to  player that failed to comply with the above-mentioned requirement for justified reasons.  Condition of 50% games played does not apply to e.g., prolonged injury, Erasmus or goalkeepers.

EUHA Sports and Technical Commission


thus: date of possible registration of university players according to the above paragraph 3.2.1.-1 Chap. III. is extended until 01.03.2022.  After that date, it will no longer be possible to register players in the system for the EUHL.