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Statement of the Sports and Technical Committee – game contumacy EUHL UNIZA Žilina – Gladiators Trenčín, according to Chap. 5., paragraph 5.1., point 3.


  1. Organization of EUHL Game 

5.1. General Responsibilities of Game Organization point 3.

Minimum number of players for an EUHL game is 10 players + 1 goalkeeper.

Maximum number of players for an EUHL game is 20 players + 2 goalkeepers.

On the basis of the above

EUHA Sports and Technical Commission



thus: STC accounts for the match UNIZA Žilina – UK Gladiators Trenčín with a result of 0:5 in favor of the Gladiators Trenčín team, with the number of goals (UNIZA -5, Gladiators +5) counted in the regular season table, also 3 points (Gladiators +3) are counted in the EUHL 2021/2022 regular season table due to:

– the UNIZA Žilina team violated the EUHL Manual 2021/2022 in point 5.1.3 and did not meet the permitted minimum starting limit for EUHL matches.