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Statement of the Sports and Technical Commission – request of UMB Banská Bystrica, extension of the regular season of the EUHL

2.6. Playoffs 

  1. After completion of the EUHL Regular Season the teams will be entered into a table based on points earned that will be used to determine the first six teams advancing into the EUHL Playoff (in case of a tie the resolution shall follow criteria set out in the Manual), unless the EUHA determines otherwise.
  2. The EUHA reserves the right to additionally modify the playoff system for the EUHL Season via an amendment to this Manual. The EUHA Board Committee shall determine the starting date of the regular EUHL season and notify individual teams of this date without any undue delay. The teams shall be obliged to respect the Board´s decision.

End of the regular season EUHL 2021/2022 on 23.3.2022. 

EUHA Sports and Technical Commission


The Sports and Technical Commission in the case of the game of the regular season between UKF Nitra – UMB Banská Bystrica extends the date of the STC Decision File no. 07/2022 A, dated 10.2. 2022, to 24.3. 2022. STC, allows to organize on 24.3.2022 game EUHL, between UKF Nitra – UMB Banská Bystrica.