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Sports and Technical Commission: application by UMB Banska Bystrica to allow EUHL 2021/2022 player to start.

4.2.  Junior Players


  1. In the EUHL Season, players in the junior category who are attending a college or university and actively participate in a junior or senior hockey league at state level may start for a University Team under the following conditions (University Team is responsible for player´s compliance with these conditions):


  1. player is at least 17 – 23 years old, or will reach this age during the actual season; is a student of a high school graduation year (class), college or university, and is an active member of a junior, senior hockey team at state level,
  2. player is not contractually bound (professional contract) to a hockey team, unless the EUHA or a corresponding committee decides otherwise,
  3. For player younger than 18 years, the EUHA must receive a written statement of the player´s parent or legal guardian with explicitly stated consent with the players participation in the EUHL and the signature must be certified.
  4. junior player is on the University Team roster,
  5. player submits valid international compulsory insurance for games organized by the EUHA,
  6. player submits medical certification of health that unequivocally states that the player is in full health and eligible to play hockey.

Sports and Technical Commission


allows to the UMB Banska Bystrica University team to register a player: Mikuláš Mosný, this player is allowed to start in EUHL 2021/2022