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Resolution of SPORT – TECHNICAL COMMITTEE (STC) – 9/19


Resolution of SPORT –  TECHNICAL COMMITTEE (STC) to the HC Masaryk University’s initiative to authorize the start of player Peter Bustin in the Slovak 1st St. Nicolaus league The HC Masaryk Brno team asks as follows:

„On behalf of the team HC Masaryk University we aks permission for my start – player Peter Bustin – in Slovak 1. St Nicolaus league for the team HC Prešov.  The permission should be for 3 to 5 (maximum) matches in the month of February.  The goal is not my shift to the higher league.  I have been playing for the second year in EUHL and I’m not going to leave. I was asked by Peter Pucher to help to save the team of his brother.  Peter Pucher is the father of one of our players.  He helps us with training of different situations.  Even for these things we are willing to help him and we do not have many other ways how to thank to him. I informed other EUHL teams about my interest to play the play-out part of Slovak 1. St Nicolaus league for HC Prešov and from all of them up to 3 (2 of which probably do not participate in play-off) they did not have a problem with that.  The other three teams did not answered to me till nowadays. I attach a formal request for EUHL teams in the annex with the approval signatures of the managers, as well as Milan Kysela’s e-mail from UMB, in which he also agrees on behalf of the cooperation.  I do ask you for the statement as soon as possible because Prešov must pay for my transfer (I am a player of Czech Federation). If you have additional questions, please contact me. „

The Sports and Technical Committee of the EUHA

decided in accordance with the currently valid EUHL Manual for the 2018/19 season, which has been approved by the managers of the individual teams and which is a part of the EUHL Participation Agreement for actual EUHL season, the start of the player Peter Bustin for 1st St. Nicolaus League for HC Presov is possible, but subsequent action of this player in the current season EUHL 18/19 would be unauthorized.


According to the currently valid EUHL 2018/2019 Manual 4.1.1. lett. C)

4.1.1. University Players

  1. university Players in the EUHL are:
  2. university or college students of 1., 2. and 3 degree or preliminary year in full-time or external form that are students of legally and duly recognized forms of higher education study or its equivalent in the University Team´s home state or graduates of state final exams that graduated within the period of 12 months from the master game in question,
  3. ISIC Card or Euro 26 Card holders, holders of Statement of Student Status from university or college,
  4. players not under contract with a professional hockey team – player participating in the EUHL shall not participate in any other hockey team or hockey league organized by any entity other than the EUHA, with the exception of regional tournaments with amateur status organized in the given country,
  5. junior players complying with conditions set out in this Manual and having a permission of their team to participate in the EUHL,
  6. not contractually bound to be represented by a hockey agent,
  7. maintain satisfactory academic performance confirmed by University (definition of satisfactory performance to be determined by University),
  8. hold valid international insurance for games organized by EUHA.