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Postponement of the start of the EUHL 2020/2021 season

Decision of the EUHA Board Committee:
Based on Art. I., par. 3 Agreements to participate in the European University Hockey League:
„3. EUHL organized by the Association runs usually, but not exclusively, in the months of October through April of the following year, i.e. 7 months a year, or 2 semesters of the corresponding academic year.
on the basis of Art. VIII., Par. 4 of the Agreement on Participation in the European University Hockey League:
4. Realization of mutual rights and obligations of Contracting Parties shall be first and foremost governed by provisions of this Contract. Provisions of the EUHL Manual or other EUHA documents referred to in the Contract or the EUHL Manual shall be used in case this Contract does not regulate certain rights and obligations.
and in accordance with chap. 2, Art. 2.3.-1 of the EUHL 2020/2021 Manual:
„1. The EUHA Board Committee shall determine the starting date of the regular EUHL season and notify individual teams of this date without any undue delay. The teams shall be obliged to respect the Board´s decision. Each University Team shall be obliged to attend, via its representative, the opening press conference for the new EUHL Season.
EUHA Board Committee
as follows: the start of the EUHL 2020/2021 season is set for the 45th week of the current year.
Due to the Covid-19 situation, EUHA reserves the right to change the destination at the beginning of the EUHL 2020/2021 season.