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This manual refers as an appendix to referees and shows the differences between IIHF and EUHL ice hockey rules. The EUHL ice hockey rules have to be available for referees at least 40 minutes before the EUHL match starts. (The home team manager is responsible to provide it EUHL rules for referees)

  • It is recommended for Referees to be in arena at least 1 hour before match starts

Registration and unauthorized player starts

It is referees´ responsibility to control ID carts. Game can´t be started until:

  • The game doctor has to be presented to head referee at least 40 minutes before the game starts,
  • Head of organizers has to be presented to referee at least 40 minutes before the game starts.
  • The player is not allowed to play (unauthorized player) in the case that he has no valid ID registration or his name is missing at the game sheet.
  • In case of unauthorized player in the game, referee will proceed to according to rules of EUHL:
    • The goal could not be valid if the unauthorized player was on ice while his team scores and referee had information about unauthorized player before beginning game’s face-off was made,
  • In case of unauthorized player who was on the ice at the time when his team reached the goal and the referee starts the game by enter face-off in the mid-point of ice rink, all previously goals of the team with unauthorized player will be valid. Referee has to force the unauthorized player out from that game. (written record have to be mentioned in the game sheet for disciplinary section and this action will be evaluated by the Disciplinary Commission)

Duties before the game

  • teams managers have to deliver the team roster to time score keeper at least 45 minutes before the game starts,
  • the score keeper / manager of the home team delivers to head referee all players´ EUHL ID cards and game sheet signed by team managers, main organizer and medic staff at least 30 minutes before the game starts.

Note: For the control of players, the Referee may additionally require registration of players – EUHL ID CARD, which can be replaced by ID card / passport)

Team roster, team equipment and hockey gear

  • the team roster contains a maximum of 20 players and 2 goalkeepers
  • the minimum number of players to start the game is 10 players and 1 goalie

In case of violation of the rules (given below) will be exhortation and then followed by 10 min penalty (OT) for individual player

  • under 18 player has to use certified neck protection and the helmet with mask,
  • over 18 player has to use certified face protection – half shield or full mask,
  • under 20 player has to use teeth protection,
  • the team color of helmet, jersey, socks and pants has to be the same,
  • goalkeeper hasn´t to have helmet, socks and pants of the same color as the rest of the team,

EUHA granted exceptions for season 2016 / 2017:

  • to Technika Praha: can use dark-blue and black pants,
  • to UNIPO Warriors Prešov: can use dark-blue and black helmets,
  • to UK Praha: no unified color of helmets

Rules, penalties

EUHL rules are regulated and approved by EUHA. In cases where EUHL rules do not provide some situations, then the IIHF rules are relevant. In case of conflict with the rules of the IIHF always EUHL rules are in preference.


The 5 minutes overtime will be played (3 against 3) if there is a tie in regular time (60 min). If there is no winner after overtime the penalties will come (3 players each team). If there is tie after 3 penalty players of each team, teams change order and make penalties one by one until the final result is made. Teams switch sides before overtime starts. There are no switch sides before penalties.

Any unusual situation, higher penalties or unauthorized starts, the referee is obliged to write in the game report.

In the case of unusual circumstances please contact EUHA’s head referees committee Mr. Ľuboš Jakubec, tel.: +421 905 223 547

Obligations of the match organizer

List of obligations:

  • ice rink,
  • referees with license,
  • refreshments for referees,
  • game’s medical services / first aid,
  • the main organizer,
  • security,
  • timekeeper, scorekeeper, penalty box assistant,
  • national flags of both team countries,
  • national anthem of both team countries,
  • music,
  • full game video record – available for EUHA / disciplinary commission or opposite team purposes. Video shall be available until 48 hour after game ends,
  • locker room for referees and opposite team at least 1 hour before game starts,
  • 25 pucks for opposite team for warm-up,
  • game program / schedule,
  • Online statistics through hockey-data services and regular results update,
  • Manager of the home team is required to send scanned the signed score sheet to
  • Manager of the home team shall provide a photos and an article about the game until 12 hours after the game


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