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EUHL selection will play the Americans again, we know the nominated players!

After a year, the selection of EUHL (European University Hockey League) will once again pit their skills against their peers from America. At the beginning of January, the European selection will once again play two games against players – students from America. Therefore, EUHA (European University Hockey Association), which is the governing body of EUHL, published two nominations of players. Young students from all the current teams of EUHL will finally be given a chance, including the champions from UK Praha, or the rookies from PPWSZ Podhale Nowy Targ and Technika Praha. All five Slovak teams will also be represented.

Team made of the best players – students of EUHL, will once again fight against their peers from ACHA for the third consecutive year. It´s worth mentioning that while EUHL is only running its third year, the American University hockey has more than a hundred year old tradition. The two mentioned selection have played each other three times. The first one was played in Bratislava in 2014, students from Europe won the game 3:2. The other two games were played this year in Janury, in Banská Bystrica and Bratislava. Both ended in a draw.

Two head to head games are also planned for January 2016, at which the EUHL will play to different selection. Different european players from all teams will get the opportunity to play against students from America, regardless whether they are newcomers or have been in the EUHL for three years. However, this time the venues of the games have been changed. From Slovakia, it´s been moved to Czech Republic – to Plzeň and Prague.

EUHA published following wider nominations for games against ACHA

3.1.2016 Plzeň

Head Coach: Ľ. Jurinyi (Paneuropa Kings)

Assistant coach: M. Smerčiak (Gladiators Trenčín), T. Ceperko (Akademici Plzeň)

Managers: V. Franěk, F. Malota (Akademici Plzeň)

Custodians: J. Hamza, J. Stejskal (UK Praha)

Goalies: G. Murashov (PPWSZ Podhale Nowy Targ), M. Porubský (Paneuropa Kings), J. Gašparovič (Gladiators Trenčín)

Defensemen: G. Katin, D. Latiuk (PPWSZ Podhale Nowy Targ), P. Tarabik, P. Kopecký, N. Ketner (Paneuropa Kings), F. Okuliar, J. Zemko (Gladiators Trenčín), M. Galko, M. Naumov (HK Slávia STU), T. Blumentrit, J. Kašpar, F. Malota, A. Radouch (Akademici Plzeň)

Forwards: A. Alimov, R. Bashirov, V. Kurbatov, A. Svitac (PPWSZ Podhale Nowy Targ), J. Fabo, P.Hubek, R. Zvara, R. Adamík (Paneuropa Kings), O. Broska, F. Buliš, J. Feranec, R. Barták, P. Vaněk (Gladiators Trenčín), A. Gračik, Š. Vystavil (HK Slávia STU), J. Faschingbauer, K. Ingriš, L.Sedlaček, V. Polívka (Akademici Plzeň)

5.1.2016 Praha

Head Coach: L. Opáth (UMB Banská Bystrica)

Assistant coach: J. Kregl (UK Praha), R. Varga (Diplomats Pressburg)

Manager: M. Fiala (UK Praha)

Custodians: J. Hamza , J. Stejskal (UK Praha)

Goalies: A. Příhoda (Technika Praha), J. Likavčan (UMB Banská Bystrica), M. Oliva (UK Praha)

Defensemen: D. Sem, M. Herna (Technika Praha), F. Kandra, A. Kasanický (UMB Banská Bystrica), F.Matula, F. Svařiček, O. Krátky (UK Praha), M.Vizváry, M. Just (Diplomats Pressburg), N. Jus (UHT Dukes Graz)

Forwards: D. Vyskočil (Technika Praha), M. Indrych, T. Málus, R. Mendel, D. Ferleťjak, M. Kamzík, F. Mančák (UMB Banská Bystrica), M. Laritz, Ch. Sternat (UHT Dukes Graz), L. Rovný, P. Hučko, M. Slánsky, V. Šeda, (UK Praha), O. Mikšík, K. Kraus, F. Winkler, V. Hegely (Diplomats Pressburg)

author: Janka Danková