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EUHA signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with CSLH

After signing the Memorandum of cooperation between EUHA (European University Hockey Association) and the Slovak Ice Hockey Federation last year, there has been another significant milestone in the development of university ice hockey in Europe. Now the EUHA has signed a Memorandum with the Czech Ice Hockey Association (CIHA) and by signing this document, both organisations have agreed to cooperate in the future.

As the Slovak university teams, also the Czech university ice hockey teams, helped together six years ago with the birth of the European University Ice Hockey League (EUHL), having the governing body European University Hockey Association (EUHA). So, after last year’s signing of the Memorandum of cooperation with the Slovak Ice Hockey Federation, now the cooperation of EUHA extended also to cooperation with the Czech Ice Hockey Association. „Further development of university ice hockey in Europe is again a very important step forward and cooperation with the Czech and Slovak Federations are major milestones. University hockey creates a needed link between junior and senior ice hockey, providing the players with opportunity to decide whether they go immediately the professional way or they first experience life as student-athlete ice hockey players “explained EUHA President Mr Jaroslav Straka.

„We welcome the co-operation with EUHA because we are pursuing a common goal – linking and creating functioning cross-connection between the ice-hockey and studying at the same time,“ said Martin Urban, Secretary General of the Czech Hockey. „This project further builds on the university level of the activities we implement within the scope of tasks done by our organisation. We believe in success of this project and we want to enable the hockey players to continue their dual careers on ice and also in the university classrooms. „

Both parties signing the Memorandum are equal partners and they have the same mutual rights and obligations, and they have common primary objective to establish a framework for mutual cooperation and to support jointly activities within the framework of the sport of hockey, in particular with the emphasis on inter-linking education and ice hockey in the Czech Republic.

EUHA has recently agreed to cooperate not only with the Czech and Slovak Hockey Associations, but has also recently signed a tri-lateral Memorandum of understanding, where in a very unique moment representatives of the European University Hockey (EUHA), Russian Student Hockey League (SHL) and from American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) met behind one table. By signing this Memorandum with the American and Russian associations, EUHA became the only intercontinentally accepted association in the area of the development of university hockey in Europe. „It is for us of a great importance to cooperate with other hockey associations in every European country, because by joining our efforts we can help the university hockey to progress and to create more opportunities for students-athletes playing ice hockey, „said Ľubomír Sekeras, vice president of EUHA, who has committed himself to create and to maintain the university ice hockey competition in Europe.