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EUHA members visited the Center for Children and Families in Trenčín

For a long time, hockey has not only been about sports performance as such, and this also applies to university hockey. It offers space to connect with studies, to gain experience, to socialize and to help others.

Members of the European University Hockey Association (EUHA), which is the governing body of the European University Hockey League (EUHL), decided to help to the Center for Children and Families in Trenčín (workplace in Adamovské Kochanovce).

„From the very beginning of the league, we have been directing our teams in the EUHL to think of others, and therefore to help, if they have the opportunity. And indeed, they do,“ smiled the general manager of EUHA Peter Špankovič, „but so that it is not just about words from our side, we also, of course, try to help in reality in practice. Together with other EUHA colleagues, we decided to support the Trenčín Center for Children and Families. After communicating with them, we found out what things they would like the most, what they don’t have, so then we immediately knew what to focus on.“

The members of the EUHA came to the mentioned Center „with surprises“, these bags hid the important things for the children. „It was mainly about clothes. Each of us has things at home that our children or grandchildren no longer wear, and it would be a shame to just throw them away, as they are in good condition. We also packed some household items and toys,“ continued Špankovič.

„I don’t want it to appear that we are going to show off what we have brought to the children. My point is to show that if other people also want to help, it doesn’t have to cost them anything financially, that they can pass on things that they no longer use at home. They will really use them in the Center and make the most of them,“ said the general manager of EUHA.

The gifted children did not owe anything – for their visit they had already drawn pictures on which mostly hockey players appeared. „Those children are complete miracles. They are very grateful. They sincerely enjoyed such things that we often take for granted. Perhaps, in the end, this visit had more benefit for us than for them, because it „slapped“ us with a kind of humility that we should keep in ourselves as long as possible. Best forever,“ added Peter Špankovič at the end.