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Decision of STC to request of HC Masaryk University Brno 16/19

Request of HC Masaryk University Brno to include in the count the EUHL starts for player Jan Sedlák.


EUHL Manual 2018/2019:

3.2.1. Restrictions to registration of players

  1. Simultaneously, each player on the roster drawn up in compliance with previous article must have played at least 40% of all league games of the regular EUHL season; the EUHL representation games shall be included in the count. EUHA has the right to grant an exception to player that failed to comply with the above-mentioned requirement for justified reasons. Condition of 40% games played does not apply to e.g. prolonged injury.

The Sport – Technical Commission on the basis of the abovementioned and in accordance with of EUHL Manual 2018/2019




as follows: according to the EUHL Manual, 2018/2019,  Chap.3, Sec. 3.2.1., Point 2, the player of the Masaryk Brno team, Jan Sedlak born. 27.11.1994  will only be allowed to play for Play-offs of the EUHL in the current season unless the sum of the Czech national team starts at the Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk and starts in the EUHL preliminary rounds will be at least 6 games.