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Decision of the STC 14/19 – Diplomats Pressburg


Manual 2018/2019 season:

Chapter 2, part 2.3.  Basic season of the season

  1. Each EUHL team must complete at least 50 % of all league games of the 2018/2019 EUHL Regular Season by January 15, 2019. Each EUHL team must complete at least 1 (one) trip as a visiting team in the 2018/2019 EUHL Regular Season by December 31, 2018. Trip shall mean playing at least 2 games in the time span of two calendar days, whereby both games within one trip must be played outside the resident city of the visiting team. If a team fails to complete at least one trip by 2018/2019 due to game cancellation or for reasons on the part of the home team or for reasons beyond the visiting team´s responsibility and control, this fact shall not be deemed infringement of this Article of the Manual.

By 15.1.2019 the team of Diplomats played just 5 matches: 9.10.2018 Masaryk – Diplomats, 12.11.2018 Budapest – Diplomats, 19.11. UMB – Diplomats, 24.11. Diplomats – UK, 11.1. 2019 Diplomats – Engineers, thus not fulfilling the odds of the played matches in the base part of EUHL 2018/2019.

The STC on the basis of the abovementioned violation of the EUHL Manual


– decision of STC no. 12/19 from 4.2. 2019, the extension of the transfer term does not apply to the Diplomats Pressburg team, i.e. from 15.2. 2019 for team Diplomats Pressburg can compete only players who have been registered in MY TEAM – EGREP till 31.1.2019.

STC further decided that, according to EUHL Manual 2018/2019, this decision is doesn´t apply for junior players according to Chap. 3.2. part 1, 4. sec. 4.1.1. point. (d), (e), part 2.4 , sec. 3.4 point. b).

According EUHL Manual 2018/19 an appeal against the STC’s decision may be filed.

Any appeal does not have suspensory effect.