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Case: Statement of the Sports and Technical Committee – game contumacy EUHL UK Praha – Gladiators Trenčín, according to Chap. 5., paragraph 5.1., point 3.

EUHL Manual Season 2021/2022:



  1. Organization of EUHL Game 

5.1. General Responsibilities of Game Organization point 3.

Minimum number of players for an EUHL game is 10 players + 1 goalkeeper.

Maximum number of players for an EUHL game is 20 players + 2 goalkeepers.

On the basis of the above

EUHA Sports and Technical Commission


thus: STC accounts for the match UMB : UK Prague with a result of 5:0 in favor of the UMB Banská Bystrica team, with the number of goals (UMB +5, UK -5) counted in the regular season table, also 3 points (UMB +3) are counted in the EUHL 2021/2022 regular season table due to:

– the UK Prague team violated the EUHL Manual 2021/2022 in point 5.1.3 and did not meet

the permitted minimum starting limit for EUHL matches.