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Best goalie of the season Matúš Porubský is not only a star on the ice, „I am almost always among one of the best students in class!“

A week ago, picking up the award for best goalkeeper of the season and voted into the All Star team 2014/2015, being the cause for the first historical loss of UK Praha, attending school with a smile and his study results indicate the fact that hockey can be combined with education without any problems. Drop your prejudices that hockey players do not know anything except how to skate; Matúš Porubský of HK Slavia STU Bratislava is a living example.

EUHL (European University Hockey League) offers the opportunity to play hockey for all those, who don’t want to give it up after graduating from high school. For many years it was either – or: Either player bets on his education already and will go sideways, or will fully concentrate only to the mentioned sport itself. Fortunately, there is already a kind of a „Golden way“ and therefore can combine visiting the ice rink along with the studies. After high school you could hang up your skates on a nail or following the way of Matúš Porubský, who is currently the leading goalkeeper in EUHL – while being a student at City University of Seattle in Bratislava.
Matúš_Porubský„My personal relationship to study is very positive. For me it is an important part of life that expands my general outlook and forming my personality. I consider education and playing hockey very substantial assets to my future, that is opening up a wide range of options to be applied in life, „spoke wisely the goalkeeper. The study takes a very responsible approach and the opportunities that the school offers him, he’s trying to exploit on full note: „Almost always among the best students in the class, although it is hard to believe, since I play hockey,“ he laughed „I‘ have probably the attitude and inner desire to know more than others, which forces me to give always my best and be present at every hour, unless I don’t have the opportunity.“ Instead of searching for, excuses why you can not come to school, he increasingly seeks and find ways to pursue training and study. On history and perhaps errors made in the past: „My favorite subjects were always the humanities. It is especially history because in the past I have always been very interested in; It is a great source of information from which we can learn and progress. But certainly enjoyed also to associate the timeline with the law, political sciences or economics, “ confessed Matúš.

As well as he does in the classrooms as well he’s performing on the ice. The above mentioned goalkeeper from HK Slavia STU Bratislava, played a large part contributing to overcoming UK Praha as the first ever team. He holds a single goal. “This moment I remember very well.“  Finally he screamed: „This is what we are still not“ had a real justification, “ he still kept laughing. „I remember that we are at the beginning of the third period, while leading by two goals, but Prague managed to in a short time to get back on the horse, so to speak. We did not give up and fought on. A few minutes before the end of the game, Jacob scarves managed to score and get us back into the lead. Although the last minutes of the the game were hectic, but we managed to keep the lead for the win. I think that the outcome of this game, was the deciding factor for the whole season – team spirit, „ he reminisces the moments full of joy.Among people there is fairly a widespread assumption that goalkeepers have a kind of uncommon sight of plays; otherwise experiencing key moments of the game, which were happening under a very different psyche. „Something about that matter. I think that we as goalkeepers, have a slightly different view for the game, because in a way, we do individual sport in team sports. Our training is different from the gaming really well – from the physical to the psychological. That must be a greater psychological well-being to us just anything not being rattled. As for me, so if I lose I endure some more difficulties than others, because i take it as a personal failure and try to analyze the errors in detail and learn from them. On the other hand, however, for me that is my driving force to constantly improve, „ he explained the goalie’s understanding of the game.

porub2He even admitted that he bears the heaviest feeling is to lose by one goal – especially in the playoffs: „It certainly considerably freezes you. All season, you work on yourself and then from one second to another you lose everything. Disappointment is huge at that moment. With hindsight, however you look at it with different eyes and see the positives of the season, but still you will repent that you don’t a victorious end. Always, however it is important, to say to yourself, that it’s only sport and in life there are more important things. „

Matúš Porubský a week ago was awarded the Best goalkeeper award of the season 2014/2015 and was voted into the All Stars team, to gain this trophy has more value to him than many imagined. „It feels great that all that energy and effort that I put into it, is really worth it. I always try to work hard and I’m sure this adds to my motivation for further work. However, it is important to point out that I never won this award without my great teammates who are contributing significantly to our success that we share. My appreciation is a mirror of the work of our entire team, “ he forgets to specify about himself and thanks all other players on his team. mporubsky2Besides the mentioned prices that give him strength and motivation, it’s something more: „My greatest motivation is being closest to perform to 100 % . That is what I have beenI doing, to always support my team. It creates a great comfort to me, which is then also reflected in my performance. But it will probably also because internally I feel the desire not to disappoint them, so much as I can. However, I also have personal habits that before the game I listen to motivational music and speeches. It gives me the feeling that I can prove everything I want. „

 author: Janka Danková